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March 2016

Most new Skylake devices will only receive full support for Window 10

Edit (21/03/2016 08:45)

Microsoft has announced that supported Skylake devices will receive an additional year's support before requiring an upgrade to Windows 10; the new cut-off date is July 17th, 2018. They have also confirmed that devices which do not upgrade to Windows 10 will continue to receive all "critical" Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 security updates until their normal end-of-support dates.

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Weblearn Phishing e-mails

We've been alerted to a series of phishing e-mails claiming to inform the user that their WebLearn access is due to expire. If you recieve one of these you should delete it immediately. If you accidentally followed the link you should speak to your IT support immediately.

An example of the message is as follows:

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