Information Security


October 2016

New Phishing Email Targeting the University WebAuth

OxCERT have been alerted about the following phishing email targeting the University WebAuth:

From: University of Oxford []
Sent: 26 October 2016 12:21
Subject: IT Service Help Notice

Dear All,

This e-mail is to notify you that we are having a server overload therefore we will be
upgrading our server. We need you to go to the following link to keep your
account active after the upgrade.


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Phishing tricks

Here is an example of a recent Phishing email that the OxCERT team have dealt with. The first example we saw was around the 12th October and we have had a few hundred reported since. This was a good attempt. It was well written and had a strong 'call to action' implying people needed to do something to resolve a problem. It was also a complete fraud.

Of note?

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