Information Security


Information Security

Report an Incident

  • Lost a laptop?
  • Had your email account hacked?
  • Picked up malware by mistake?

If your data and systems have been hacked, attacked, infected or abused in any way, you need to report it without delay.

If you work or study at the University, tell your local IT team.

If you are an IT officer or have a remit to protect information security, report it directly to us here.

The quicker we all act, the less we have to worry about.

Current Alerts

19 Dec 2017 Critical Intel Firmware Updates Intel has posted details of a critical firmware update which affects a large proportion of systems produced by all major PC vendors. The update includes fixes for multiple critical vulnerabilities,... Continue reading
17 Oct 2017 WPA2 key reinstallation attacks (KRACKs) Security researchers have disclosed a vulnerability in the handshake mechanism unpinning the WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access) protocol. The class of attack has been named 'key reinstallation attacks' (... Continue reading