Accessing NHS Digital’s E-Learning for Healthcare reporting

Whilst it is the University’s policy that all members of staff complete an information security course and have it recorded, it is recognised that training such as the NHS Digital’s Data Security and Awareness module covers the relevant content. However, how do you keep track of the training completion? Read on to find out how.

At a Glance:

  • Set up reporting permissions and maintain record of training activity
  • Ask staff with existing accounts to add University of Oxford as an additional place of work

You may or may not be aware that NHS Digital offer a context-specific, e-learning module and allow staff on the approved lists, to complete the course online free of charge. We encourage users within clinical settings to undertake this training, given that an accurate record is maintained by the department.

How to set up reporting permissions:

In order to enable the reporting functionality so that you can receive reports on completion within your unit, please follow the guidelines below.

Instructions for the training administrator

If you have not done so already, register for an account on the online platform, selecting the e-LfH platform (as opposed to the e-integrity option) on e-LfH ( Instructions for this can be found e-LfH site (

Select the appropriate role as the place of work. If you work in an administrative role and/or are unsure of your role, please select ‘lay representative’ adding University of Oxford (Wellington Square) as the place of work.

Inform all of the relevant users in your unit to follow the instructions for users below.

Instructions for user

Step 1: Go into My Account> Employment Details> Add New Employment Details> select an appropriate role and the University of Oxford (Higher Education) as place of work> Save.

step1 lfhaccount

Click employment details

step2 lfhaccount

Click Add New Employment Details

step3 lfhaccount

Select an appropriate role and the University of Oxford (Higher Education) as place of work then click Save.

step4 lfhaccount

Step 2: Once the above step is complete, go to My Account> Reporting Permissions> add the administrator’s username under users who can report you> save.

step1 reporting

Once the above steps have been completed by the staff, the training manager should be able to see the list of staff for whom reporting has been made available, under My Account> Reporting Permissions.

step2 reporting


Please find a downloadable quick reference guide here

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