Cyber Security for Everyone

Cyber security and information security can often feel like an impenetrable firewall that is only accessible to a select few.

The Information Security team at the University want to try and dispel this myth and open up cyber security culture and awareness at Oxford.

Part of doing this is hosting more events and engaging with staff and students at the University. In Michaelmas term 2023, we hosted our first Cybersecurity Special Interest Group (CSIG) since 2019, which was a great success and opened up the world of cyber security at Oxford to staff.

We also recently piloted an InfoSec Open House, which will happen every 2 months - this will give staff the chance to come to our offices at 16 Wellington Square, meet our new Interim CISO Tony Brett as well as the two teams: Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) headed by Michael Pinhorn and Oxford's Emergency Response team (OxCERT) headed by Kashif Mohammed, and find out what we do and why it's important.

We also wanted share with you some of our favourite books, films and tv series that focus on the world of cyber attacks, hackers, rogue technology, and code breakers. Art isn't always accurate but the books, films and tv series we've chosen will hopefully give you a taste of what cyber security can be or could be in the future.