Weekly cyber news update

The NCSC Weekly report highlights how Google bug hunters have found Five flaws in Apple’s iMessage. Apple released fixes last week that would protect devices from these flaws.  In their own notes about iOS 12.4, Apple have indicated that the unfixed flaw could give an attacker the opportunity to crash an app or execute commands.  iPhone\ 5 and later, iPad Air and later, and iPod Touch 6th generation and later could all potentially be affected and recovering devices affected will result in all data being wiped.

Symantec has revealed that they blocked almost 300 million extortion scam emails in the first five months of 2019.  The surge was not associated with one particular scam but sextortion was the most prevalent.  Other types of extortion emails have presented themselves as plain text (no rich content), bomb threat themes, image attachments which contain the Bitcoin wallet address to pay the extortion, on in an attached pdf or direct to a SegWit Bitcoin address.

After another cyber fraud attempt against prospective students of Lancaster University, a 25 year old Bradford man has been arrested by the National Crime Agency.   The NCA National Cyber Crime Unit made the arrest for fraud offences and the Computer Misuse Act after student records were hacked and used to invoice prospective students for tuition fees.  Lancaster University became aware of the breech on 22 July according to the Lancaster Guardian.

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