New Infosec Website

Hi, and welcome to the new Infosec website. 

It's been a little while since we launched our first Infosec site and a lot of water has gone under the bridge since then.   I think the latest update is a big improvement for a number of reasons.

Oxford Focussed Content

On the previous version of the site we successfully provided a lot of general, good practice advice targeted and presented in a way that was (hopefully!) easy to digest and actionable.  What was missing was how to apply that in an Oxford context and provide clear answers to some frequently asked questions.  With the new version of the site we've tried to sort that out and now, all of the "I want to" pages focus on actionable, Oxford-specific advice.  Do let us know what you think of both the content and the style of presentation.  And if there are topics or questions you'd like us to cover, drop us a line via and we'll see what we can do. 

Hosted by Mosaic

At the time we launched our original site the Mosaic platform wasn't available for us to use.  However, this was more a case of timing than anything else. I'm really pleased to be able to finally launch the site Mosaic now however - it's a project we were heavily involved in and we have a lot of confidence in the platform.  Crucially, as a team whose remit it is to provide security advice and guidance, and not to maintain websites, Mosaic takes away the burden of support for security and other related features.  Allowing us to concentrate on keeping the content relevant and up to date.  With the move to Mosaic comes a fairly significant re-brand - simply because we wanted to create the best looking site possible given the tools available.  I think the style and aesthetics suit the Mosaic platform better than if we'd tried to mirror the previous site.  But as always, let us know what you think.

What do YOU think?

Ultimately though, the Infosec site is all about giving users from all backgrounds access to the information they need.  We try to find the right balance between policy, guidance and finding the right tone.  And our focus is always on what it is you need to actually do.  I hope you like the site, but more importantly I hope it's useful to you.  If it is, it would be good to hear from you.  If it's not, then please let us know why, and what you'd like to see that isn't there.