Petya expands its scope

Ransomware remains a formidable threat for individual users and businesses alike, particularly as new sample families continue to be discovered by security researchers. What makes ransomware so dangerous is the fact that victims are denied access to their most important files and data – a problem that could potentially topple an enterprise if not dealt with quickly.

Making matters worse, even if attackers are paid the ransom, there's no guarantee that decryption will be lifted and access restored – in some cases, files simply remain locked away as hackers make off with their payment. In other instances, hackers will ask for a second, higher ransom after victims pay the first.

One of the first steps in guarding against ransomware infections is remaining in-the-know about emerging threats and attack styles. Recently, WannaCry or WannaCrypt grabbed headlines as the next big thing in ransomware attacks. Now, a new threat has come to the surface: Petya.

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