Secure your WhatsApp

Everyone has used WhatsApp at some point, or if you have not then here is a quick overview of what it is.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular text and voice messaging apps. It is free to use and you can send messages, voicemails and host video chats on both desktop and mobile services.

A Third Party Security Assessment has not been conducted for WhatsApp therefore, we would not recommend using it for work related communications. However, we are aware that it is being used and we would like to make you aware of the recent update to the application which has caused the privacy setting to return to its default of Everyone, even if you’d previously changed it. This means that the application allows anyone to add any other WhatsApp user to other WhatsApp groups.

How can I stop others from adding me to a WhatsApp groups?

Open WhatsApp on your phone and tap on Settings. Then go to Account, then Privacy. There you will see the setting for Groups. "My contacts" should be selected there. If it says “Everyone”, tap on it and change it to “My contacts” or, if necessary, to “My Contacts Except...”. This means that you can no longer be added to any group, except by your contacts.