Webcam covers protect you online

What are the risks?

If you leave your webcam uncovered you are potentially installing a surveillance camera in your home or office. As with all computer technology, cyber-attackers have been hacking webcams via vulnerabilities or malware since their invention. Criminals use the footage to extort money from users often demanding payment in crypto-currencies as these are hard to trace. Attacks are becoming increasingly lucrative so we are seeing them happen more and more.

If your device has a built-in webcam then you can’t physically unplug the camera when you’re not using it. In these circumstances the next best option is to use a webcam cover.

Why should you use a webcam cover?

Using a webcam cover:
•    Protects your privacy
•    Reduces the risk of being a victim of bribery or blackmail
•    Provides a cost effective way to reduce risks 
•    Is easy: just slide it over the webcam lens

Physically covering your webcam is a security measure recommended by the National Cyber Security Centre in their video conferencing guidance for organisations.

If your webcam were to be compromised you could become the victim of a personal data breach and/or phishing incident. Visit these links to ensure you understand both of the topics and you know how to report incidents where sensitive and/or personal data may have been seen by unintended recipients.

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