Staff Information Security and Data Protection Training Guidance

Here we address some frequently asked questions you may have as you embark on the new training as well as providing guidance on how to complete the course.

Questions about the new training

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The new training is designed to be an engaging experience, using animations and quizzes, and is no longer a one-size fits all training package. It will now include learning paths tailored to suit staff and students.

The topics that you will cover in the training have been updated significantly to match real-world cyber security scenarios you encounter on a day-to-day basis and the new training will be kept up to date with new threats and trends.

No. If you have already completed and passed your Information Security and Data Protection Training this year, you will not need to repeat this. You will be contacted when your anniversary for training comes up and asked to complete the training. 

However, if you would like to try the new training, please do!

No, definitely not. This course is accessible for everyone and you don't need any prior knowledge of either subject. 

We have additional resources and guidance on our website, which can support you in your learning. The Information Compliance team (ICT) also have resources and guidance on their website.

This course must be completed by all staff on an annual basis so the University remains compliant with Information Security and Data Protection (GDPR) regulations. 

All the information you need to pass the course is contained in the course content. 

If you have been sent an email which includes links to the course for you to complete, then these links should be safe, especially if they are from a trusted university email address.

However, if you don't feel comfortable clicking on embedded links, then please go to: and navigate to the Training page from the top menu and select the red button marked 'Take the Staff course'. This will open a new window into the MetaCompliance platform.

You will need to be logged into your SSO to access the course.

If you have any issues with the training course, please contact the IT Service Desk

If you need access to data on who has and who hasn't completed this training in your department or college, please request access to the Compliance Report within the Self-Service Training Data Reports suite below, which includes completion data on this Information Security and Data Protection Training Course.

At the moment, any member of staff with an Oxford Single Sign-On can take the course, and the course is mandatory for all staff.

You can't currently access the course without an SSO. If you or a staff member in your team need to take the course but don't have an SSO, please contact the Oxford Secure team.

This is currently not a feature of the new training, but we hope to add it in as part of future development.

How do I...?

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We recommend using Edge, Chrome or Safari.

There is a known issue with viewing the communications documents in Firefox, which we are working with MetaCompliance to fix.

Remember, the course requires you to open new windows. Some browsers will block this feature, so before you start the training, go to your browser’s settings and set your browser's settings to Open in a new tab.

The new staff training requires the user to watch each video from start to finish. It also requires you to click 'Next' on the text section of the Communication. This must be done for each section. When you have done this, a green dot will appear on the left-hand side next to the section you have just completed. 

screenshot 2024 02 07 at 10 26 30


Once each section has been completed, and you have passed the quiz, you will receive a green success notice. Please remember, if you do not receive a Success Notice, please ensure you have completed the course from start to finish. Partial completion does not suffice.


Yes, you can. On the top left-hand side of the grey frame, there is an icon which looks like three lines on top of each other. Click on that icon and the Communication will go to full size within the frame. 

To revert back to the view in step 1, click on the same icon again.

Step 1

screenshot 2024 02 07 at 13 22 07


Step 2

screenshot 2024 02 07 at 13 22 16


Watching the videos is a key part of the training so you can’t skip them although for those people who are more confident on this content you can play them at double-speed.

The training takes up to 45 minutes, but it will be different for different people. 

Yes, you can. Your progress will be saved at the last piece of content you have completed. 

Unfortunately, the course is currently only availble in English, but it is on the development roadmap to deliver the training course in other languages.

Here are the steps that you can take to download your certificates from MetaCompliance.

  1. Log in to the training and click on the 'Arrow' icon at the top right-hand side of the screen, and select View Profile
    mc step
  2. Scroll down to My Training, and click on the '+' icon
  3. Select the 'Completed' tab to view your completed courses. (Use the arrows to scroll across completed courses to find a specific course with a completion certificate)
    mc step
  4. Once found, click on the appropriate certificate. This will then populate on to a separate window in browser
  5. The Completion Certificate can now be downloaded.

More information can be found on the MetaCompliance website.

Contact us

Please contact the Oxford Secure team with any questions

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