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The online training module is currently unavailable. We are working to get the module back online. If you require access to the content of the module during this time a PDF version of the document can be downloaded.

We apologise for the inconvenience this causes.


The online module will get you up to speed on what you need to do to keep University (and your own) data safe. It has been created for self-study and can be completed at any time and pace.

    At a glance:

    • Recognise and respond to potential cyber-attacks, phishing and social engineering attempts.
    • Have up-to-date knowledge about how to handle personal data.
    • Reduce the number of security incidents by sharing best practices.

    The Information Security and Data Privacy Awareness course has been created primarily for staff in order to ensure that they fully understand information security and come to view it as an integral part of their day-to-day work. However, it is available to all University members with a Single Sign On (SSO) account.

    The content has been created in order to help you:

    • Understand the importance of protecting data
    • Understand data privacy rules
    • Know how to safely access and share information
    • Know how to keep your information safe in the office, at home, and in public places
    • Know how to spot phishing
    • Know how to use your own device to work securely
    • Know how to report issues

    The module needs to be completed by all University Staff each year. It's hosted on CoSy and they have step by step advice on how to book on a course. To pass the module you need a score of 75 or above. You will be asked to take the module again if you do not pass. Once you've passed you'll receive a confirmation email from the system including a link to download a certificate.

    How do I look up my completion results?

    If you completed the module after August 1st 2019: You can view the results of your e-learning within CoSy. You also will have received a confirmation email from the system after you passed which will include your score and a link to download a certificate.

    If you completed the module before August 1st 2019: You will have completed the module on the old host. If required, get in contact with us at and we can confirm completion within the last 12 months.


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